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About Us

About the Scientific Voice Model & Jo Estill 

Focus on the process and the outcome will take care of itself.

Over the last 40 years, voice science has made huge advances developing our understanding of how the voice works. However, its complex and dynamic nature requires in-depth study to truly comprehend the physiology, aerodynamics and acoustic repercussions of human voice production. Bleh. I know, but this is your instrument, it's inside, it's fretless and really, it behaves like a "double-reed-string-flute"... How far down the rabbit hole would you like to go?

Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 8.07.54 am

Pioneers such as Manuel Garcia, Jr. and Richard Miller attempted to explain the sonic outcome with the limited medical equipment of the time, but since MRIs, x-rays, miscopy, videoendoscopy and other tools, modern voice scientists such as Dr. Ingo Titze, Jo Estill or Johan Sundberg can be studied to deepen our understanding and use of the muscles that shape the instrument and the sound.
Jo Estills approach is based on her early hypothesis (1980s), that individual structures, or parts of our instrument, can be controlled independently of each other. Fingering for the pianist, ballet at the barre for the dancer. Craft. The development of a biomechanical skill which focusses on the physiology of the instrument.
"What are the parts of my instrument, how do they work and how can I control them?"

So, what about the breath?

Just as all other parts, the breath is one of the players in the aerodynamic-bioelastic interplay at the source of sound, the vocal folds. However, as in sailing, purely focussing on the 'wind' without setting sail may limit your vocal ability. Understanding breath management and controlling the 'sail' and therefore the breath flow is a big part of the scientific voice model. 

"You can be the best breather in the world, if your vocal folds don't come together, you won't be making any sound."

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 11.50.32 am
(c) 2014 Estill International, used with permission

Hence, the Estill Model is an innovative training tool-box for developing masterful control of the human voice. It offers a clear and concise vocabulary for describing what voices can do and powerful exercises that allow voices to realize their full potential – be it for better speaking or for better singing. Estill Voice Training™ collects and streamlines the last 40 years of research into a useable model for voice control. Estill voice training teaches independent control over 13 parts of the vocal mechanism. The aim is to be aesthetically free and vocally safe across ALL genres.

About My Voice Gym

The Voice Gym is a source for instruction in ESTILL Voice Training presented by highly qualified Estill Voice International teachers with testing privileges, providing professional development for singers, voice teachers and therapists in Europe and Australia. Past courses & workshops have been held in Vienna, Frankfurt, Glasgow, Graz, Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne.

The Voice Gym offers:

  1. Estill Courses
  2. Workshops
  3. Focus Sessions
  4. One-on-One training
  5. Skype Consultations


The Voice Gym is located at:
2 Moona Street 
Burwood East VIC 3151 
Tel: +61 (0)3 8802 8585

Voice Gym 201501 1 600Gerald Marko

Estill Mentor Course Instructor & Master Trainer with testing privileges

PhD Candidate (Education)

BMus H1 (1st class hons.) (Voice) 

Post.Grad. (Perf. Arts) 

Ad.Dip (German Linguistics, Literature & Journalism)

Austrian born Gerald Marko is the director of The Voice Gym Pty Ltd providing voice mechanics and vocal technique for singers as well as preventive and remedial voice training for singers, speakers and therapists. He is permanent staff at Monash University and has contributed to create the new popular music specialisation in the bachelor of Music since 2016. Past teaching arrangements include Melbourne University, Box Hill Institute and the North Melbourne Institute of TAFE as well as head of voice at Box Hill Secondary College. 
He was a guest speaker at the 2014 Symposium of performing arts and health care in Sydney, was on the organising committee of the 7th Estill World Voice Symposium in Melbourne in 2015 and presented at the 2017 International Jazz Voice Conference in Helsinki, Finland, and at the Australian Jazz and Improvisation Research Network (AJIRN) conference in Melbourne.

At Monash, Gerald received A Faculty Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning in 2019.

Besides being an ESTILL CCI-TP & CMT, Gerald also holds a Diploma in Performing Arts and an Advanced Diploma in Linguistics, Literature and Journalism. Between 1998 and 2004, Gerald played lead roles in European professional musical theatre. He has also performed in original and cover bands in Austria, Germany, Denmark and Australia. Gerald holds Estill courses and workshops regularly in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane (Australia) as well as Graz and Vienna (Austria) together with his wife and fellow CCI Stephanie. 

Voice Gym 201501 8 600Stephanie Marko

Estill Mentor Course Instructor & Master Trainer with testing privileges

Associate Dip. (Operatic. Arts) 

Cert IV (Training & Assessment))


Stephanie is a certified Estill Practitioner since 2007 and holds an Associate Diploma of Operatic/Music Theatre Arts (VCA), as well as a Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment. She has been performing and teaching for over 20 years. Stephanie played Grizabella, Gumbie and Jellylorum in Cats Hamburg and Denmark as well as Carlotta and Christine in Phantom of the Opera in Germany (in German). She performed in Rock/Pop recordings and bands in Europe and is an accomplished session singer. Stephanie specializes in training singing teachers and preventive voice training.


EVT has provided me with the answers I have been looking for, for many years of professional singing and training.
I now know how to identify my problems and tools with which I can fix them.
The pain and confusion of the past ten years is finally starting to clear!
- Clare Assetta, Singing Teacher, Melbourne

It demystified the unknown of the vocal folds, and how the mechanism of the voice works.
Before doing Estill, there was always slight trepidation, now I look forward to taking away what I have gained insight into and integrate it in practising and singing.
- Emma Bathgate, Singer, Melbourne

Attending this Estill course cleared up many of the doubts that I had about singing, and I was finally able to understand what I was doing when I was singing.
I knew exactly what I had to work on and how to achieve it. Now, all I had to do was practise! This was a whole new sense of empowerment that I had never felt. Definitely worth my flight here to Sydney!
- Aaron Lim, Director Intune Music School, Singapore

This course has given me my future.
- James Denier, Rock Singer, Melbourne

ESTILL has given me power and control over my voice.
I have options now that I would never have even considered before Estill as well as the ability to problem solve.
I will always use and consider the Estill voice training when I am singing and actively promote it in my teaching.
- Bethany Schirmer, Singing Teacher

EVT is, in my opinion, the only method for truly understanding and controlling the vocal instrument.
There is simply no way to truly describe the quality and importance of EVT until one has experienced the enlightenment for oneself. This coupled with instructors, who can only be described as masters, makes EVT a revolutionary vocal experience.
- Jack Byrnes, Singer/Songwriter, Melbourne

This course has been fantastic for me as it explains the how and why of singing.
I know that I will be a better singer as I train myself to work with the different components that make up the sounds I want to make! It is a relief to see my voice become more reliable. I can isolate effort and relax the parts of my body that are not needed. Thanks!
- Marilyn Benton, Primary School Teacher, Singing Teacher, Victoria

It has clarified and extended the vocal knowledge that I had already, particularly in terms of vocal physiology and the differences and similarities between varying styles of singing, and it has given me very useful tips for troubleshooting vocal problems.
- Anna Margolis, Teacher, Melbourne

It has given me amazing tools and knowledge and power to be in control of my instrument and therefore my career!
- Julianne Jessop, Singer, Melbourne

The course is a great insight to how the voice works and how I can change it.
I now have answers to questions that I have had for years which my teachers could not answer or did not think were important. I am really feeling an improvement in all aspects of my singing.
- Ross Marotta, Singer, Engineer, Melbourne

The course has blown my mind. Gerald and Stephanie are so knowledgeable and make the work easy to understand and so interesting.
I feel like I now have the tools to sing any type of music I want with a whole range of vocal recipes and I want to share it with anyone who wants to learn.
- Louise Kuchmar, Singer, Melbourne

Marvellous Information! Many thoughts re-trained! It has reawakened my interest in this science, given me much extended knowledge and hopefully I will improve my confidence in teaching and performance.
I can belt! Yay!
- Janet Sandford, Teacher, Sydney

ESTILL has changed my life. It has rekindled my passion for music and singing and has provided me with the tools.
Estill provides logic and direction while allowing individuality and aesthetic freedom. I love knowing how I make sound being in control of the choices I make with my voice. I am passionate about this way of teaching/learning and intend to become certified in order to spread the EVT Love!
- Laura Hartnell, Actress, Singer, Melbourne

The EVT course has given me exactly the skills and techniques I need to help VCE singers.
It has had a huge impact on performance, technical work, written outcomes and assessment.
- Peter Ryan, Music Coordinator Box Hill Senior Secondary College, Melbourne

This course has shown me what I am not doing and what I am already doing but did not know.
I now have tools to take my voice anywhere I want to. This is the best path I have ever discovered for anyone who uses or teaches voice.
- Tim Lynk, Performer, Singing Teacher, Melbourne

This training has changed my life as a singer.
I am speaking and singing more comfortably and my vocal stamina has improved immensely.
I found the exercises simple and easy to learn. Practicing only in 30 second brackets 10-15 times a day made a huge difference to my speaking voice. The lecturers were informative, kind and very attentive to the individual needs.
- Jennifer Macovec, Singer, Melbourne

I came without a voice and left with both a great speaking and singing voice!
- Sue Park, Speech Pathologist, Brisbane

This EVT course has given me deeper understanding and appreciation of the Estill work and how to apply it practically, both as a singer and as a teacher.
This course is well paced and provides a good balance of theory and application. I will be recommending this course to my colleagues and students.
- Michelle Perrera, Singing Teacher, Melbourne

When I first came to the class my voice and throat were sore and dried out.
By being in the class my vocals and throat have improved within the matter of 5 days! Really impressive!
I now am aware I have options to use on different notes and how to do it safely.
- Sanja Radojicic, Singer, Melbourne

EVT has allowed me, for the first time, to feel as well as hear the way I truly sound.
The evidence of a voice free of stress, strain and uncertainty is beginning to emerge, and for a singer who had vocal damage through his own attractor state and the damaging advise of less educated teachers, this is a priceless and spiritually liberating experience.
- Jack Byrnes, Singer/Songwriter, Melbourne

One-on-One Sessions & Small Group Training

Voice Gym 201501 6 600

The Voice Gym offers individual one-on-one sessions in person or via Skype. To schedule or enquire about one-on-one sessions, please sign up with us below (SIGN UP) or contact The Voice Gym directly.

Courses & Workshops

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My Voice Gym regularly offers specialised 1 day workshops as well as the complete Estill course over 5 days in Australia, China and Europe:

More Information about the Estill Level 1&2 courses can be found here:

Upcoming ESTILL Level 1&2 COURSES with your Voice Gym:

MELBOURNE, over 5 days (Mon-Fri)                                July 6th - 10th 2020

MELBOURNE, over 5 days (Mon-Fri)                                Dec 7th - 11th 2020




MELBOURNE, 10am-5pm, Bruce County Hotel.        Feb 29th

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